Beginning 2021 I will be offering a combo package that includes birth photography and doula services. This is a great option for clients with hospital births who cannot have more than one additional person in the room, but would really like that extra set of hands and support to provide physical relief as well as images of their birth. Additionally, I bring my camera to either your prenatal or post partum visit (you choose) for a mini maternity session OR a short post partum film at home with your babe and family.


As your doula, I will provide 2 prenatal appointments where we will discuss your birth plans and how I can best support you in having the birth experience you desire - be it through empowerment, education or physical support before, during and after the birth. As your birth photographer, I will document your birth from active pushing through the newborn exam and edit approximately 40 images in both color and black-and-white for you to download. I will then follow up with you post partum to be sure you are feeling supported during the healing process and transition with your new baby.


My forte as a doula is helping birthing persons feel grounded, safe and strong, and I’ve been documenting births for 10 years. So if you prefer to have fewer people in your birth space, hiring a “doulatog” can be a real blessing.

This idea that there is a special medal dangling on the tree for going without meds makes us undervalue ourselves and depreciate the ordeals we have endured. Loss moms, adoptive moms, cesarean birth mothers…We all open. We all tear, somewhere (body, heart, soul). We all both wildly embrace and struggle to embrace these experiences. It all takes courage and that courage is always worth celebrating.


Rachel Lorena Brown

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I remember thinking - as I set up a little cave for Stephanie during labor - what beautiful work it is that doulas do. That they've been doing for generations and generations, before the term even came into use.



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